Retargeting should now be familiar to most of us as web surfers and consumers. It’s the practice of marketing to people who have already visited your site once. The perceived benefit of this being that you’re marketing to a more targeted audience – people who’ve visited your site before. Well yes, but a very simple campaign like this might not cut it in today’s modern digital world.

It is easy for the wrong people to receive your marketing messages as multiple people may use one device or those who visit a website once may have no interest in ever doing so again, and may never have converted anyway. So this puts into question actually how targeted you can be. These messages can also be annoying for consumers, particularly if they’re not relevant.

So, how can small business owners and marketers make the most of retargeting so as not to pester consumers but also be more relevant and targeted?

Be Cleaver with Data

Consider a more joined-up approach to collecting data and insight about your consumers and their behaviour. Having a central pool of data that comes from multiple sources and all of your channels will allow you to be more specific about who you retarget and why. You’ll no longer be retargeting based on one simple action (such as visiting your site once) but on information and insight that has more depth.

Consider a DMP to help with Retargeting

A Data Managment Platform will allow you combine your customer data and third party data to learn more about your target audience and therefore retarget more effectively and efficiently. A DMP will help minimise the waste retargeting can often cause. For example if an 80 year old lady looks at football boots online it’s likely it’s a mistake or a present, so retargeting football boots to this lady would likely be wasteful.

Experiment with Durations

Think specifically about the lifespan of your retargeting campaign. This may depend on your sales cycles, special offers or the season – but experimenting with the length and comparing results will help you tailor what works best.

Vary Your Retargeting Creatives

Use a selection of different images. Switching them up will ensure people are seeing something fresh, but you can also select different images for different targeted groups. Try A/B testing and find a strategy that works for your advertising.


Original Source: Marketing Tech News


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