amazon go

Amazon Go is set to launch in Seattle in early 2017 and could be the next step in revolutionising the way we shop in-store.

E-commerce and online shopping is developing almost daily, but our physical, high-street shopping experiences have been becoming more digitalized over the years too. Self-service checkouts, digital catalogues and more recently the introduction of augmented reality for some retail brands is changing the way we shop.

In what could be the next significant move for shoppers Amazon Go is a new kind of shop, that offers a new kind of experience. Walk into the shop and scan your phone (something like entering the tube) put your phone away and simply shop as normal, picking up what you want. The best bit is though, that you can simply walk out, now queuing, no checkouts!

How Does Amazon Go Work?

Amazon describe their ‘Just Walk Out’ technology to be similar to that of self-driving cars, using “computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning.” More specific information hasn’t been confirmed but it’s likely that cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence will work together to create the shopping experience of the future. But really as a user all you know need to do is have an Amazon account, which will be charged for what you take from the store shortly after you leave.

The first store in the US will be a grocery store where shoppers can quickly pick up ‘on the go’ snacks or do a bigger shop if they wish.

Amazon Go will of course give Amazon even more customer data about how and what people purchase as well has how they move around the store. David Luan, the CEO of AI startup Dextro suggested the biggest advantage for Amazon is that they are in control of everything. He said, “Amazon controls what gets stocked in the store. So Amazon can choose things that they are very good at identifying, and it can skip all the hard problems for a long time.”

It seems the future of retail is moving fast to keep up with the fast-pace of modern life. Looking forward to hearing more about the launch next year!

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